Helping Impact-driven Organisations Grow Exponentially Online

Helping Impact-driven Organizations Grow Exponentially Online 

International Speaker | Organic Revenue Hacker | Guacamole Lover
Here is some people I've helped... 
"He knows what his talking about better than just about anybody out there. He has a huge proven track record. He shot YouTube channels up to having a million subscribers, his built massive databases of customers. All through the power of free traffic.  "

Mark Joyner,
Godfather of Internet Marketing
Creator of Tracking Pixel 
Mentor to Russel Brunson From Clickfunnels
"We had a very little number of followers on YouTube we had like 3,000 subscribers and in a very short period of time. Im talking about 6 months we hit more than 100,000 subscribers. So the numbers don’t lie if someone can create that level of revolution and can help you to evolve the business from 3,000 to 100k it means he knows something"

Dr. Ehab Hamarneh,
Best Selling Author 
Founder of Highest Possible Expression 
"I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for Sebastian program and guidance. He provides first hand experience first hand insight that you can only really get from working in the field and being successful within it and that’s just invaluable information"

Kyle Gonzalez,
Digital Marketer based on Hanoi 
Agency owner 
Private Consulting
Turning Youtube & Videos Into Your Most Profitable Asset/Channel
  • Create a tailor-made growth plan for your video marketing strategy 
  • Go deeper into what monetisation strategies to use 
  • ​Identify what specific content to create to grow! 
  • ​Full channel audit & personalised strategy
Explode Your Videos Reach With Distribution Service
What your videos will get? 
  • 1,000 views - 3,000 views first 30 days
  • Appear in Popular Playlists to get more views 
  • Your video embedded in 100 high authority video platforms to increase popularity! 
  • ​Increase Chance To Appear In Youtube Recommended Section
  • ​​Improves Your Suggested Video % 
Meet Sebastian Beja
Sebastian Beja has helped grow and scale businesses to 6-figure and 7-figure via social media platforms generating more than 10 million dollars in revenue in the digital education space.  

He works with the world’s leading company in personal growth, Mindvalley, New York Times Best Selling Author T. Harv Ecker from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, biggest NGO in the world Art of living/Sri Sri Ravishankar, and the biggest entrepreneur festival in Latin America - helping them grow exponentially online. 

He has trained over 5,000 people ranging from brick &mortar, real estate, SAAS, events, education, etc in 10 different countries on how to use organic traffic strategies, content marketing and growth hacking to scale their business profitably. 

He's been featured giving advice in the #1 Platform for Exponential Business Growth in the US, where companies like Dropbox, Omaze, LogMeIn Spotify get their online marketing advice from to grow their revenue. 

Growing up in Mexico with his sister and mother, Sebastian saw how challenging it was for single moms to own a business at the same time raise a family. So, inspired by his mom's diligence and courage, he began studying how businesses grow using the internet.... and the rest is history. 
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